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I connected to my Zyxel Home & Life HUB (V5.13 (ABLZ.1) b8_20190225) a 6TB hard disk with 3 NTFS partitions.
The Zyxel correctly sees all three partitions, but allows only one partition to be shared.
I tried to share folders via SSH commands:
cfg usb_filesharing add --HostName usb1_sda1 --FolderName . --Description 'FirstPartition' --Public 1
Max is 20, current array length is 0
Command Successful.
cfg usb_filesharing add --HostName usb1_sda2 --FolderName . --Description 'SecondPartition' --Public 1
msg: X_ZYXEL_FolderName is duplicate.
zcfgFeDalHandler return Fail!
Command Successful.



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    Hi parmi,

    It’s a known issue with (V5.13 (ABLZ.1) b8_20190225) fw for Zyxel Home & Life HUB and then we will fix in future. 

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