[Zyxel VMG1312-B10D] How to recall access to a device that was connected to the router via WPS?

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When I first installed my Zyxel VMG1312-B10D home router, the WPS option was enabled by default (path: Network Setting > Wireless > WPS). 

As a result, a user that had physical access to the router managed to connect his smartphone by using the WPS method. Since then, I set the WPS option to “Disable”, in an attempt to block this user’s device from connecting without knowing the WPA wireless security password. 

As I realized, disabling the WPS option may prevent other devices from connecting to the router from this point onward. However, this is not enough to block the user who had already managed to connect in the past, when the WPS option was disabled. 

It seems as if the router has ‘whitelisted’ this device and keeps on giving access to it. 

Could you please suggest the way in which I may enforce the router to ‘forget’ this device and do not allow it to connect freely, unless it uses the WPA password? 



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  • Hikari
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    Hi zyxeluser1
    I have tested and found if factory reset of VMG1312-B10D can clean the WPS record. Once I click the reset of Back to Factory Default Settings, after CPE boot up finished my cell phone will ask SSID password and not connect to the SSID directly. 
  • zyxeluser1
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    @Hikari thanks for the reply. In the past I had done a factory reset, without however a positive result. I will try again.
  • zyxeluser1
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    Once more I conducted factory reset of my VMG1312-B10D router and immediately after took care to ensure that the WPS option was again turned to disabled.

    However, it seems that the WPS record was not cleaned. This is evident by the fact that the user that had managed to obtain access to the rooter still has...

    Any other ideas?

  • Hi zyxeluser1
    So you actually report 2 things:
    - one is WPS record may not clean after a factory reset
    - even WPS function disabled someone still can access your router with WPS function? 
    May I know your FW version? Want to check if we were testing with the same FW.
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    Hi @zyxeluser1

    If you are able to get into the router, then changing the WiFi password might prevent the user having access.

    Kind regards,

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