EMG6726-B10A and WAP6906 Wifi problems

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I ave both machine listed running my home network. (I work for a reseller of Zyxel and believe i have beta versions given to me for testing)

I use Charter Spectrum Business Class Internet with 200/10 service. I can speed test all i want from any wifi device and my speeds run anywhere from 190/10 to 235/12.

My problem is not speed, my problem is load times and time outs.

If i am on my cell network which averages 10 down 10 up via tmobile, my content on my apps will load near instantaneously. If i am on my 5G wifi, it will take a few extra seconds to load, or the app will lose it's internet connection. The only way to fix the load times or connection problems is remove my cell from the wifi service.

If my cell is on wifi overnight (which it always is), i will awake in the morning to the Wifi indicator with  ! next to it indicating lost connection. Once i restart the wifi on my phone, i regain connection and my notifications download.

Call me crazy, but i should not be losing connection overnight nor should i be getting faster content loading times on my cell network rather than my wifi. I don't seem to have this issue on my wired devices or my laptop which uses the 5G network. Only the phones in my house seem to have issues. all samsung, 2 j7 prime and 2 s9.

I have turned off IPv6, IGMP, MLD, WMM sleep options. I have tried going without the WAP6906. the only troubleshooting step i haven't tried is to factory default and rebuild my gear. I have been unable to find any firmware updates for my equipment.


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