PLA5456 Home plug connection goes out intermittently

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I have 2 powerline adapters, one in the main house and the other in the garage. I have had them connected for some time now and have never had a problem. About a month ago, the connection between them started going out. I have noticed that most of the time it happens early in the morning or late at night. I've tried resetting but it doesn't last long. I have made changes(added electric fence that gets it power from outside of where the adapter is plugged in but that was over a year ago. They are also building a bunch of home across the street from me and have been digging underground. Will any of this affect the connection and is there anything I can do? Thank you in advance.


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    Can you explain more information about 'the connection between them started going out.'?
    If you put them in the main house, does the problem still exist?

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