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I've been using the PLA5256 powerline adapters for a while now and they've always worked great. Yesterday however they started losing connection to each other. I can reset them and they'll work for about an hour then lose connection. Is there any way to update them to a new firmware? They are 3.1.8.


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  • eozrocwd
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    Don't find any new firmware for PLA5256.
    Can you share what is your network topology?
    What is the LED status of PLA5256 when the problem happened?
  • SMOF
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    Typical home network. ones plugged into a modem on the first floor. the other is upstairs on the second floor. 
    The middle homeplug light shuts off. The other two are still green.

    They've worked perfect for almost two years now so i'm stumped. Nothing new has been plugged into the house that i know of. All the bigger stuff is still the same. No wiring to the house has been changed.

    Once reset though they'll work well for an hour then lose each other. Sometimes they find each other again a few seconds later sometimes they need reset. Resetting them though works 100% of the time so far.
  • PeterK
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    Please make sure that you hold the reset button over 10~15 second because the behavior of the light is almost the same on reset and remove devices. 
    If you didn't hold the button over 10, it will just remove the device from your network.

  • SMOF
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    That's how i was resetting them. I did it again just to make sure and they failed again. At this point i'm almost positive it has something to do with one of the devices themselves or something with the wiring of the house.

    I also noticed when not in use they don't seem to disconnect.

    If anyone has anything else to try feel free to suggest it.
  • PeterK
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    Maybe you can test it on a power extension cord, then we can rule out the powerline issue in your house.
  • SMOF
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    Thats a good idea PeterK

    They are passthroughs so i unplugged everything plugged into both. They still kept disconnecting but it seemed to be after a longer period. Now randomly they're working fine. I guess there was just some interference from somewhere in the house. Hopefully they continue to work.

    Thanks for the suggestions
  • DrBatman
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    i have same issue worked fine for months and now they randomly stopped working. After reset they work for a while then again nothing. 
    These are my second zyxel powerline adapter. Will be my last ones.
  • PeterK
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    How long for the "a while"? Or did it just randomly stopped?
    Have you tried it on a power extension cord?

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