How do I configure a T11C with VPN?

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I have a Post Office router, which is a Zyxel T11C.  Apparently it is possible to configure it to support VPNs.

Anyone know how to do this?


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  • Hikari
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    Hi BanksySan
    I assume you have AMG1302-T11C in your hand? if no please correct me.
    If you take this device, AMG itself does not implement VPN feature thus you cannot see it on GUI, but it supports VPN traffic passthrough. May I ask how would you like to set up the VPN tunnel? from which device to where?
  • Andyuk
    Same problem here too. I use a vpn (mobicip) to monitor apps and websites visited by son. Ever since changing to this stupid router he can only access Web pages through mobile network and not WiFi. Any help would be great

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