ZyWall USG2000 FW 3.30(AQW.7)C0 gets "Unable to connect ZySH daemon", WebGUI won't work


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    FW upgrade to 330AQW7ITS-WK48-r74988.bin over ftp was a simple job, it turned out, and most successful.

    WebGUI and all works like a charm, now.

    Now we need to modernise:

    A router that can manage online gaming, VoIP for ip telephony and multiple ISPs and be future safe for a minimum of 10 years, for a max of 400 subscribers with 4000 maximum separate intenet clients doing everything all the time with no willingness to accept many more problems now.
    And must be able to route a minimum of 2Gb/s consistently.

    And it MUST be a HA pair so one can upgrade firmware and service HW w/o any downtime except in case of major disasters.

    Suggestions welcome!

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