AMG1302-T11C Won't Portforward

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Trying to create a minecraft server for me and the boys, no matter what port I try to portforward, they can't connect to the server and says it can't find my service because the connection times out. Is this a router thing or an isp thing?


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  • Hi MrCookserOne

    May I ask if you build up the server in CPE LAN side (192.168.1.X)? how do you want to access? I mean you and your family device are also in LAN side or somewhere in WAN side (Public IP). How do you want traffic forward? Let's discuss the topology first!
  • MrCooksterOne
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    I'm not sure what CPE LAN side means or what it is for, but I know i want to make it public for friends that are in different countries than me. And is there more than one way to forward traffic?
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    Hi MrCookserOne

    Please try to configure Forwarding in your device. 
    1. Login AMG GUI, go to NAT > Port forwarding, Add new rule 

    2. Do you buildup the server like this page introduced?
    I assume you and your friends are PC player, so I use "PORTS TO FORWARD ON PC" TCP: 25565. If your friend access (AMG WAN IP: 25565), AMG will help to forward the traffic to LAN side Minecraft server. 
    Note: LAN means your home network.

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