[NEBULA] Disable 2.4Ghz transmission on selected NAP203



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    Hi Dirk,

    Has this feature not made it ?
    So far I don't have a schedule for it yet.

    Is there an impact when aps are separated in different sites but still have the same ssid and this assisted roaming enabled in both sites ? I could imagine that the list of available aps are grouped by site
    Actually you are correct, the roaming group is grouped by a site. Let me make some tests accordingly. I'm not totally sure what will happen, I would expect re-authentication after assisted roaming failed, or possibly some client side issues. 
    Maybe you can share your test results if you have any and we can compare them.
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    Hi Dean,

    i haven’t done any testing. It was merely through some reasoning that came to this conclusion. As some of these standards look as they can present a list of candidates to the client. Therefor I was wondering how that would work out when multiple sites are involved.
    That was a bit why I came back on directly disabling a radio independent of the SSID ;)
    However, not disabling radio and choosing exactly the same frequency for a pair of overlapping aps is not really a big issue. You don’t gain anything with it which was not a problem in the first place. You simply get some additional noise due to the added ap but all in all you simply exentend the range but not the capacity. My major concern was interference. Therefor exactly the same frequency 100% overlapping same ssid :)

    But still it would be a nice to have :)

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