[NEBULA] NAP203 shows offline in nebula

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My two AP's show offline in nebula but are online and I have internet connectivity via the AP's. AP's are configured with a reserved IP in DHCP. Those IP's do not respond.

Any ideas?



  • Zyxel_Dean
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    Hi Remy, 
    Please check your inbox, I've sent you a message to check with this. 
    Just for a note, you can check this FAQ for the methods to configure management IP for the NAP, Link Here .

  • Zyxel_Dean
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    Hi Remy, 
    Any luck getting things back? If not, please check your inbox as I have PMed you to assist you check this problem.

  • AK123
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    Hello, I am having the same issue. Very strange as should pick up with Mac address. Mapping says the device is still offline in Taiwan. 

    I have 3 more to setup at an office today so would like to resolve this asap please. 
  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi @AK123,
    I have sent you a message and please check your inbox.
  • lucape
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    i've the same problem with my AP, it's working properly, client can connect and surf internet but in nebula AP show offline. How i can resolve?

  • Zyxel_Jonas
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    Hi @lucape,

    To communicate with Nebula control center (NCC), please check with below ports and protocols are not blocked by the firewall or ISP.

    Port 443 and 6667 are used in TCP for Nebula Cloud Management.
    Port 123 is used in UDP for Network Time Protocol(NTP).

    You could use this website http://portquiz.net:6667/ to check if port 6667 is not blocked.
    *Please note that the web page is only supported by IE and Edge. 

    The links below and screenshot are for your reference about connecting to NCC.

    Hope it helps.