[NEBULA] How does the configuration flow work on APs?

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This topic will explain the configuration flow between AP and NCC. There are 3 entities involved in the flow, the user, NCC, and AP.  The flow is described sequentially below.

  1. Starting from the user, whenever the user adjusts configurations on NCC and then press save, the configurations will be sent by NCC to the APs. Normally within 10 seconds for a set of configurations.
  2. Once the AP receives the configurations, the AP will immediately reply with an "OK" message back to the NCC server and you will be able to see in the "Configuration status" column display "up-to-date" for that AP.
  3. At the same time the AP receives the configurations, the AP will start provisioning the configurations and normally the AP will need to make interface or radio changes so it will take 3-5 minutes before everything is completed. 
  4. After provisioning is done the user will be able to use the new configurations.