Zyxel AV2000 Powerline Kit (PLA5456BBKIT) suddenly stoped working, why?

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My system of 3 of these units had been working just fine up until yesterday and now has just stopped.  I've re-set them, power cycled them and nothing changes.  My network status still shows them as "Cable Unplugged" (WiFi is working just fine so it's not a router or signal issue) when it clearly IS plugged in, lights on and blinking where the CAT5 cable connects to my docking station.  Only 2 of 3 lights are lit on the Zyxel unit below my desk.  The center (Homeplug) light is currently off.  What gives???????


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  • eozrocwd
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    Try to reset and re-pair them.
  • Adrefs
    Adrefs Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Done that about 6x so far....
  • eozrocwd
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    What do you mean "Cable Unplugged"?
    If you connected as Internet---Router---PLA5456---LAN Device, does LAN Device able to get IP address and also can access Internet?

    When the center (Homeplug) light is currently off, it seems that PLA device does not detect others.

    After reset them, do you try to push "RESET/ENCRYPT" button to pair them again?

  • Zemfira
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    Adrefshave you solved your problem? If so please share your experience, I have similar troubles with mine PLAs

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