homeplug does not power on when plugged to wall outlet

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I've a couple of Powerline PLA4231+PLA4201, last time I've used  was several months ago, and they were working normally. Now I've tried again, but when plugged to the wall outlet they did not power on. What can I do?
Anyone can help me to find if those device are still working or not?


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  • Penny
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    Does all LED of PLA4231 and PLA4201 no light when plugged to the wall outlet?
    Can you share the information of LED status?

    Do you able to connect WiFi of PLA4231?
    Do you try to reset and re-pair them?
  • bergmannap
    Can the PLA5456 be used with the 2 ports from the router connected to the 2 ports on the PLA5456 to create 2 networks? That is router ports 1 and 2 connected to ports 1 and 2 on PLA5456 so 2 separate network connections with different IP branches are created.
  • Teemo
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    To my knowledge, it cannot do this.
    If you wants to use 2 separate network, you need to connect 2 PLA5456.

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