VMG8825-B50B - How to enable SNMP via command line

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I'm using the router VMG8825-B50B whit this firmware version V5.13(ABLZ.1)b8_20190225.
I need to enable SNMP from the internal lan, but the button is not present in the management GUI page.
Please can you tell me how to enable from CLI?
I already tried to upgrade the firmware, but probably for some stupid reason my ISP blocked it.



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  • Hummel
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    Can't you enable it from WebGUI?
    How do you know SNMP is locked by your ISP?
    I think it is better to contact your ISP if they block it.
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    I think it's a wind/infostrada model (italian ISP): they think it's a good idea to sell overpriced, locked-down devices that the user can't even upgrade. I'm not sure you can enable SNP via CLI.

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