HLA4205 MoCA 2.0 Ethernet Adapter Throughput Issue.

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I've picked up a couple of these MoCA adapters to get internet to a home office in another part of the house from my router.  Despite their claimed 1.4Gbps, every speed test and/or file transfer test I only get 150Mbps.  I have them on a dedicated coax line between the two locations.  There are no other signals on the coax and it doesn't run through any filters or boosters.  There is one connector in the middle of the run.  I know quality of the cable, length of run and tons of other factors can interfere with the signal, but the fact that it gets exactly 150Mbps every test is odd.  Tests jump strait to that speed and hold very solid, give or take a couple mbps  Like there is a limit on something.  All the devices have gigabit NIC's and duplex and other setting are all correct.  

Topology looks like this:
Router (Nighthawk X6 AC3000) --> Ethernet -->MoCA adapter --> Coax <--MoCA adapter <-- ethernet <--PC



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    Try between two PCs, using a utility such as iperf3.  I get 940Mbps.
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    What is your NIC adapter speed on your PC?  And what Category Cable did you used? (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7). It could be that the capacity of the speed only goes as fast as the hardware. You could have a Gigabit Router, but if your PC NIC only run 100mbps speed for example, or your CAT is 5. It can can only goes up to 100mbps. It's something that causing your speed to crippled. Double check everything. check your CAT cables. If you have been using it for years it also might be the problem because it might have a break in the line that can also cause the problems too.

    PS: 80% of the time it's the cable that caused the issues.

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