VMG8924-B10A, No Remote MGMT

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I cannot connect to my VMG8924-B10A router anymore. I think I was hacked as my DNS on my router kept on being changed. So I wanted to remove any remote access to my router. I logged in and unticked everything on the Remote MGMT tab. I did not think this will also lock me out of the router. Is there any way I can get access back onto my router. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks Alec


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  • Hummel
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    Have you tried to reset it to factory default settings?
  • icealec
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    That is what I'm trying to avoid. I don't have all the setting I need to get it back to 100% working. So if I can avoid it I will be happy.
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    Reset the log-on from your provider log-on/pass to YOUR log/pass (NAME@provider.com and PASS).
    Go to "Network Setting"->"Broadband"->modify(edit) VDSL and change PPP user name/PPP pass.

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