Flushing Web Server address on VMG8924-B10A

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No problems in setting up a Web Server via Network Setting/NAT/Applications and ports 80 and 443 are mapped correctly

Problem is I want to change this to point to a different internal LAN device using the same ports. The NAT/Applications list doesn't have a Modify option, just Delete. So I delete the old assignment and try assigning a new one - nope ports 80 and 443 are in use so it wants to put the new server on 8080 and 4443 (or something).

Thinking a reboot will do it I reboot the router and indeed the NAT/Applications list no longer has an entry for Webserver but when I try to define the new one it still won't allow assignment to ports 80 and 443. I try the old LAN address and, bingo!, that one gets ports 80 and 443 assigned.

So how do I flush the old port 80/443 assignment so I can assign anew.

Would it be easier in future to assign just as any other port using the NAT/Port Forwarding menu and assigning ports manually?

Firmware 1.00(AAKL.24)C0


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    This is the result when I try to add a WebServer.
    I never add any rule in Application but when I press OK button the rule can be created successfully and I can access my Web server from WAN with 80 port.
    Then I change the server's IP, delete the old rule and create a new rule.
    I still can create a new rule after pressing the OK button and it still work correctly with the new IP and port 80, 443.
    The warning message seems to tell us that the ports of WebGUI of this router will be changed to 8080 and 4433 after you create this rule.

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