VMG8924-B10A 5ghz dropping daily

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My 5Ghz constantly drops Internet Connectivity on a daily basis. I am running the latest 1.00(AAKL.28)C0 firmware. When the 5Ghz drops, the 2.4Ghz still works. When the 5Ghz drops the Ethernet stops working too.

I have to turn the router off and on again for the 5Ghz to work again. How do I fix this?



  • Hummel
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    Have you tried to reset your VMG8924-B10A and then set the 5Ghz channel to a fix value like 36 or 40 to see if the problem still happens?
  • Ross
    Ross Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    I have tried this on 36 and although it doesn't crash every day - wifi still drops and 2.4Ghz still works. I have also noticed that all of the wired connections into the router drop too. So in summary this router is pretty useless.
  • I'm having a similar issue but it's the 2.4 that drops. When I remote in to the router the Max Upload value is my router admin username! and the WSP2 password has been replaced with the router password!! I have reset both and 2.4 side works for a few minutes, then drops out again. Unfortunately most of our mobile phones use that 2.4 channel. I also need it for work as I am a home-worker.
  • Hummel
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    What is the firmware version you are using?
    Your problem looks not the same as the original report and the behavior is also not the same.
    When you meet the problem, does it mean you can't connect to the 2.4G SSID or you can connect to it but there is no traffic?

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