Wlan Schedule on VMG3625-T20A

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I've been trying to disable WiFi between midnight and 0600 in the morning every day, but I just cant seem to get it right. Could someone please help me get this setup correctly? 
All I can seem to find about wlan scheduling online is for some other interface I cant seem to translate very well into actual functional settings on my device. 



  • Hummel
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    Have you checked the setting of the Timezone in your VMG3625-T20A to make sure the time is the same as your current region?
  • SSamiK
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    Yes, the time is correct. I cant seem to figure out what to do to make the device turn off and then on again at the right time. On other guides I've found online, there is a switch for turning device on or off at sertain times- I cant figure out how to do this in the GUI on this device. There is a setting for it, but no examples on how to use the function and at least for me the instructions are very unclear so I cant figure out what settings to set. 

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