Is AP WIFI radio signal ON/OFF?

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I would like to see whether wifi radio signal is on or off (i.e. due to SSID scheduling).
I can´t see it on web page. My AP is NAP-102


  • Zyxel_Dean
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    Hi @korzar
    There is currently a way to notice it, under your AP list page, select the filter "Channel"
    Then if you have one of the radio turned of, it will not display the channels of it.
    For instance, when SSIDs are all 5Ghz only

    2.4Ghz only

    both radios running

    Additionally, SSID scheduling does not turn off the radio, it sits in a status ready for reactivation so it's unlikely to use this method to look at it.

    May I know if this is suitable for your scenario? If not maybe you can describe it more detailed so we have a picture of how you would want it to be.


  • Hi Dean.

    Is it a feature that might come in the future in Nebula to disable the radio when using SSID scheduling. It is to reduce electromagnetic radiation in children's rooms etc.

  • Zyxel_Barney
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    Hi @Polytech

    SSID Scheduling will not disable the radio because SSID scheduling is applied per-SSID. If scheduling disables radio, then this would affect SSIDs that should otherwise be active.

    You should also consider that although SSID Scheduling will not completely disable the Nebula AP's radio, an AP with no active wireless clients will emit very little EMR.

    Some suggestions we can provide though:
    1. If your APs are connected to a Zyxel or Nebula Switch, you can use PoE scheduling to turn your APs ON and OFF at your desired time.
    2. Lower the Maximum Output Power of your 2.4G and 5G radio.

    Hope this helps!

    Barney Gregorio
  • Hi Barney.

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    I had thought about killing the poe power though a schedule in the switch and after your answer I have setup a GS1920v2-8HP today and will test it tomorrow with poe scheduling.

  • Zyxel_Barney
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    Hello @Polytech

    In response to our users' growing concerns regarding prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation, our next firmware update will prevent 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio emissions when all SSIDs are disabled.