VMG8823-B50B freezes after 40-60 days in bridge mode

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I'm using two VMG8823-B50B with the latest firmware 5.13(ABEJ.5)C0 in their easiest mode: Just as a bridge (modem) for SVDSL lines.

Unfortunately the devices freezes after around 40-60 days in operation. In this state, it seems the LAN ports are software wise not working: The bridge mode mostly stops (so WAN goes down on my pfSense router), the VMG can't be accessed via Telnet, Web or SSH. The LEDs are working normally (so I think the hardware NICs are still fine).

That looks for me like a serious software bug, especially as no watchdog etc. restarts the VMG. They are also no accessible for a remote restart, so this is a very bad situation.

Others are reporting the same issue.

Is there any known firmware version without this issue? Older ones (but with the same modem code), or newer beta versions?




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    Does this happen only in bridge mode?
    I'm using a VMG8823-B50B as modem, firmware V5.13(ABEJ.5)C0, and I'm up to 85 days and counting.

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