WRE6505 is blinking green

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When I turn on the WRE6505 the green powerlight is blinking. I try to reboot and set back to factory settings by pressing the WPS-button for 5-10 seconds but the WRE6505 just keeps on blinking green. The WPS button does not seem to respond and there is no blue light showing.


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    Here is my test result. WRE6505---[Ethernet Cable]---Laptop
    1. WRE6505 set as Repeater mode.
    2. Hold WPS HW button till Power LED as Green Blinking and wait for 2-3 seconds, then release it.
    3. After released WPS HW button, LED: Power and WPS as Green Blinking to OFF, then LED: WiFi as Red and OFF.
    4. After booted up, the setting back to default.

    After you did reset process, do you check its web interface? Does the setting still no factory default?

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