DDNS: IPv4 only? (VMG1312-B30B)

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I want my router (VMG1312-B30B) to update my IP-address to noip.com.
It works fine, except... it seems to only update my IPv4 address; not the IPv6.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this router not able to do this?


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    Are you sure noip.com supports IPv6? According to their knowledgebase you need a managed DNS for that, which is something different than dynamic DNS AFAIK.

    Further, a dynamic IP is not straightforward, for IPv6. Normally, you don't get a single address, but a whole subnet, which is further distributed within your network. By default a dyndns update request doesn't contain an IP address, and the provider simply takes the sender address to update it's database. In case of IPv6 this would be the address of -in your case- your router, which is probably not the device you want to reach.
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    Ooops... my bad... exactly because of this problem, I changed from noip.com to DynDNS.com.

    For testing purposes, I installed their tool (DynUpdater.msi) on my webserver so that it would update only its IPv6. I restarted the webserver a few times, and the IPv6 was updated correctly  each time.
    Then I uninstalled the tool from the webserver, and instructed my router (Network Setting -> DNS -> Dynamic DNS) to update its IP to the same host at DynDNS.com, but... that doesn't work.

    And yes... I do want to remotely access my router. I'll try to explain why :wink:
    I have a few devices (domotica microcontrollers ESP32) with IPv4 only hooked up to my router. To access them, I must add a rule in Network Setting -> NAT -> PCP, and then use the 'External IPv4 address', together with the 'Assigned public port'.
    This works fine, until... my router gets reset (for whatever reason). Both the 'External IPv4 address' and the 'Assigned public port' will change. When I'm at home, I can easily  enter the router en lookup the new values. However, when I'm not at home, it seems to me the only way to enter the router, would be by using its IPv6 address.

    Finally, there is one more thing I want to say :smile:
    Accessing my webserver from WAN by its IPv6 (not the DynDNS hostname, but the IPv6 which I can find each time at DynDNS) works fine.
    If I want to acces the router by its IPv6, I must look at the Status-page, and use the IPv6 address as seen under 'LAN information'; NOT the one as seen under 'WAN information'. And yes... that also works from outside the LAN, e.g.: from my phone that is connected to internet by 4G... 

    I hope this explanation is somewhat clear and understandable ... :smile:

    Groetjes, en bedankt voor de hulp :wink:
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    I don't know that router, but as far as I know most dyndns clients on routers rely on IP detection by the server. So if you can force it to use an IPv6 address, that's the one which will be updated, I think.

    When you have the IPv6 address of your webserver, isn't that enough to know the address of your router? In many cases the client part of an IPv6 address is always the same. Only the network part changes.

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