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1. To minimize RF exposure, is there any operational or equipment harm created by unplugging (AC power) a C1100Z when not in use?
2. How can I determine how much I can reduce the C1100Z's power output without affecting service delivered to devices connected to the router/modem?
3. If I reduce modem wireless output power by a certain percentage, and the streaming TV picture (FireTV Stick) "stumbles" (delays, as if waiting for delivery of more content, on a consistent basis), is this an indication that I have reduced the wireless power output of the C1100Z too much, or is it an indication of a need to subscribe to more speed from the DSL carrier - or both?
4. What power level measurements are delivered by this modem at all of the percentages to which I can set the power (10% to 100%)? 
5. Why is a user offered the opportunity to change RF output power levels with this modem?  Are there any guidelines?
Thanks - more questions possible soon.


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