I have a ZyXEL VMG8924-B10A.

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I have tried TP-Link mains adaptors to give ethernet via the mains wiring, but the router doesn't like the adaptors. I spent ages trying to get it to work, then I switched the router on and off and it then started to work. But after about 10 minutes of it all working properly, the TP-Link adaptors stopped working once again. Could it be that the router doesn't like the TP-Link adators?


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    Your description is not clear.
    Do you meet a problem with VMG8924-B10A or TP-Link adapter?
    And what is the problem actually? Can't you connect your PC to it and then surf the Internet?
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    To get ethernet around the house, we use mains adapters to extend the coverage from the main router. I used TP-Link for this as I successfully do with other brands of router, but the ZYXEL router will only allow the information/ internet to work briefly after the router has been switched on and off.
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    To be honest, it is still hard to understand what problem you meet from your description. It will be helpful if you can share more information such as:
    (1) Topology
    How you connect your TP-Link and ZYXEL routers? Do you connect them like the following topology?
    Internet --- TP-Link --- ZYXEL router
    If not, could you please draw it for more understanding about your problem?
    (2) Test steps
    If you can list detail test steps (Step by Step), it will be very helpful to know what the problem is.