PLA6456 vs PLA5456 Powerline Adapters

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I have a couple questions on these products. Would there be much of a real world speed difference between these two products?  By the advertisement there is only 400 Mbps difference between the two products, but one advertises Wave 2 and the other advertises HomePlug AV2. Could the two be used together?


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    Dear Sir,
    The is a new technology, and it can provide much better performance than
    HomePlug AV2.
    According to our test, the performance of those two products does have a major difference.

    However, those two products aren't compatible. PLA6456 only can connect to PLA6456.
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    I'm currently using an all PLA5456 network with multiple individual point-to-point connections.  I'd like to simplify and the PLA6456 seems like it might have potential over the PLA5456 arrangement I'm using.  I've got several questions:

    PLA5456:  Is it possible to setup a network of one "primary" (connected to my router) with multiple "satellites" at remote electrical outlets AND keep the speed optimal at them all?  If so, HOW?  Have I misunderstood the directions when "synchronizing" the primaries to satellites (in a one-to-one relationship)?  Is the best configuration with the PLA5456 IS one-to-one rather than one-to-several both from a speed and "separation of traffic" standpoint?

    PLA6456:  My questions are almost identical for this model.  What's best?  Multiple one-to-one or a single one-to-multiple arrangement from, primarily, a speed and separation/isolation of traffic points of view?

    Part of the complications I'm having are, simply, running out of separate outlets in the room with my router.  If one-to-multiple will keep the speed optimal it would be great (with either model) to only need ONE at the router and distribute more satellites.  If, however, it's better with multiple one-to-one networks (current environment) that's what I'll end up pursuing.

    Which model has the best management interface?

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    Dear Sir,

    Both PLA5456 and PLA6456 can support multiple nodes in one network system.
    You can press the encrypted button for 2 seconds on the Root node and another PLA which is in the other room. Those two PLA will connect to each other, and you can also do the same steps to the second node and third node, and so on to create a network with more than 2 nodes of PLA devices.
    Or you can also create more than one PLA network system in your environment, which you will have to set each two nodes separately to prevent them set in the same network system.
    Please refer to the user guide for detail information: PLA5456 User Guide  PLA6456 User Guide

    Regarding the performance,
    The performance will not be affected by more nodes of PLA that you set in one Network.
    However, it will be affected by environment interference, which including distance, network traffic, noise on electrical wires, quality of electrical installation and other adverse conditions.
    Please note,
    1. if you create multiple one-to-one PLA sets, those sets will not able to communicate with each other. I will recommend you to set one PLA network in your environment.
    2. PLA6456 can support max 14 nodes in one PLA network system.

    For your information,
    PLA6456 can provide better performance than HomePlug AV2 technology.
    For more information about PLA6456, please refer to the link:

    Best Regards,

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