What happens when the NCC is unreachable? Will it impact my LAN services?

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Generally speaking, when NCC server connectivity is lost, your devices will still be operational since it only affects the management process the devices. You will still be able to access LAN/WAN but not able to configure them.

So to speak, some functions that require interaction between NCC will still be affected such as cloud authentication, PoE schedule, as well as statistical reports and event logs.

Q: What will happen to the functions you've mentioned?

For eventlogs and statistics, they will not be able to upload data to NCC, therefore during that period of time, evenlogs and statistical reports will be empty. If service is recovered, they will be uploaded to NCC but eventlogs may have been overwrited if the entries maxed out.

For NAP , Cloud authentication might be unreachable. in this case, the configuration of "NCAS disconnection behavior" takes into place, as you can determine if you want to have free access to all clients(except blacklist), or allow currently associated clients&whitelist clients to access.

For NSW, PoE schedule will not be functional due to the scheduling process currently is handled by NCC, therefore PoE schedules would not work.

For NSG, signature updates of the firewall/application patrol will not be updated since it is triggered by NCC.