EMG6726-B10A, Trying to log in to my router's online configuration

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I am trying to log in to the online config panel on my Zxyel EMG6726-B10A router, however, going to the default gateway takes me to a non-functioning page with no design elements. There is a username and password box, but attempting to log in does nothing, not even telling me whether the info was correct or not. Below is what I am seeing when I attempt to log in.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much.


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    Based on my experience that to login router page, you could try Google Chrome incognito window or press Ctrl + F5 to refresh page first.

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    The model name you mentioned can't be found in Zyxel's official website.
    Can you take photos of your router including the back label?
    (You can hide the serial number and password information for security concern)
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    Sure, here are some images with important info covered up. Thanks in advance

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