VMG3925-B10B wifi channel select don't work correctly

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On the 5 GHz band, if the router is set to auto channel select, it always picks a crowded channel and drops out several times a week, sometimes several times a day. When I manually set a channel it is completely random whether the router applies the setting or not, or whether the wifi works at all on that channel (even when it's not crowded).

If I set it to channel 52, the router ignores it and sets itself to channel 36 (which is crowded), and although I can connect to the network, it's not stable. This only happens with 52 for whatever reason.
If I set it to channel 48, the router accepts the setting, but it is impossible for anything to establish a connection to it and according to the wifi listing the network (SSID) frequently disappears.
If I set it to 44 or anything below it takes _forever_ for the wifi to appear in available networks (if it shows up at all) and quite often I have to reboot the router several times before it shows up, and then it's random if it's possible to connect to it.
If I set it to 64 or higher, usually I cannot connect to the network at all through the wifi.

This is on firmware V5.13(AAVF.14)C0 and the router was provided by Hiper.dk

The 2.4 GHz band usually works, but it's so slow it's not of much use.


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    Have you tried to scan your environment to analyze the WiFi signal around your home?
    From your description, it is suggested to contact Zyxel's local support team for a further support.
  • claireb707
    Im having the same issue, fw version 

    did you manage to resolve this?

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