EMG3425-Q10A Port forwarding not working

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I've port forwarded before on different routers with different isps. I've tried turning the firewall off on the router, on the computer, turned off my antivirus, restarted my router via the router page, restarted it manually, etc. My local ipv4 address is static ( and I'm currently using google dns if that matters (, The game I'm port forwarded for used to work on my old isp/router combo, and I haven't changed any of the settings there, so that isn't the issue. It's something to do with the port forwarding/router side of it.



  • BrazilKing
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    Hi Bryce, 

    Have you tried reset and configure again?
    You can find reset page in Maintenance -> Backup/ Restore  -> Reset 

    If still have problem after reconfigure, may I know which FW version are you using?
    FW version could be found in Status page

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