amg1302-t10c as a wireless adapter

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I wanted to use the amg1302-t10c router as a wireless adapter (i.e. PC to this router via ethernet cable, then this router to main router via wireless connection) to boost internet speed of the PC. I searched everywhere and could not find anything except to flash dd wrt into it, but this model is not supported. I found the manual for the amg1302-t11c, but nothing there either. Any ideas on how I can achieve this seemly simple task? Tried setting it up as a bridge, but that didn't work either. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.


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    From your description, what you really need is a Wireless repeater and from the manual you mentioned, I also can't find how to configure it to be a repeater. Maybe it doesn't support this feature.
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    Thank you. Is there any way of confirming this? Thanks again
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    AMG1302-T10C is designed to be used as a router or a gateway.
    It doesn't support the feature to be a wireless repeater.
    We suggest to connect the WAN port of AMG1302-T10C to your main router with an Ethernet cable according to your description.

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