How can I improve nap203 settings to prevent "unstable internet" during remote conference?

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edited April 2021 in Nebula
I frequently get message unstable internet when using conference software (goto meeting, zoom, webex, skype, etc). I have a nap203 (next to a couple of nap102 in house). However, when checking: 
- internet connection speed: ping is 8-15ms, download >150mbps, upload >18mbps.
- it even happens when I put the nap203, 2-3m away from me.
- connection is on 5GHZ band.
- nap203 has picked a channel with no or hardly interference from surrounding networks.
- in Nebula i can see connection strength is around -53db. The transmission power is 16db (which according to the software can be 30db max). Can I control that, so the signal strength goes in to the -40-50 range?

Anyone any ideas that I can check / improve?


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