VMG3925-B10B in Bridge/Modem Only mode from LAN with single cable

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I am trying to get to Zyxel VMG3925-B10B in Bridge/Modem Only mode from LAN driven by Mikrotik router

So the setup is client (wired or wireless) --> Mikrotik Eth1 --> single cable to VMG3925-B10B Eth1

From LAN client ( I can ping the newly created Vlan2 interface on Mikrotik (, but not the home networking/group interface on Zyxel (
Vlan2 is "attached" to Mikrotik Eth1 (which is used for PPPoE connection to Zyxel Eth1)

</code><code>1 - login to UI of zyxel
2 - select networks -> vlan groups
3 - add group called bridge set vlan id to 2, tick the include box on the lan port you want to use (one used for wan)
4 - select networks -> interface grouping and assign bridge vdsl port to same lan port.
Note you may have already done steps 3 and 4 when setting up the bridge.
5 - now select networks -> home networking
6 - in group name box default is preselected, change this to bridge
7 - make a note of the ip address shown, change if you want to. (to keep things simple change it to
If I add ie Eth4 to Vlan Group on Zyxel (point 2 above), then connecting directly on that Eth4 I can access Zyxel unit via that IP, so it does work (just not the two together, yet)
I can not ping Zyxel from Mikrotik itself either

</code><code>[admin@MikroTik] > ping
  SEQ HOST                                     SIZE TTL TIME  STATUS                                                                                                  
    0                                            timeout                                                                                                 
    1                                            timeout                                                                                                 
    2                                84  64 982ms host unreachable                                                                                        
    3                                            timeout                                                                                                 
    sent=4 received=0 packet-loss=100% 

Nothing from Zyxel to Mikrotik either, must be something to do with Vlan setup (most likely)

</code><code>ZySH> ping
BusyBox v1.20.1 (2019-05-06 17:42:59 CST) multi-call binary.

Usage: ping [OPTIONS] HOST

Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts

        -4,-6           Force IP or IPv6 name resolution
        -c CNT          Send only CNT pings
        -s SIZE         Send SIZE data bytes in packets (default:56)
        -t TTL          Set TTL
        -I IFACE/IP     Use interface or IP address as source
        -W SEC          Seconds to wait for the first response (default:10)
                        (after all -c CNT packets are sent)
        -w SEC          Seconds until ping exits (default:infinite)
                        (can exit earlier with -c CNT)
        -q              Quiet, only displays output at start
                        and when finished

ZySH> ping -4
^Ccommon_ping: hostname
PING ( 56 data bytes

--- ping statistics ---
11 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
ZySH> ping -4 -I
^Ccommon_ping: hostname
PING ( from 56 data bytes

--- ping statistics ---
5 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
Does this unit tag the output of the switch ports (in that config)?
I have no idea, it didn't seem to when I tried.

Anybody has any ideas?




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    I see, nobody has any clue how Zyxel products work...

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