USB File sharing issue with VMG8825-T50K

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Hi i'm experiencing an issue sharing usb device on VMG8825-T50K

when access from PC it can only see the mount level of the device and cannot read subfolders. I cannot read files already stored in the device. I can create new folder and enter in that ones, but only if i create that folders from pc to shared folders, previously created folders i cannot enter.

any help will be apreciated


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    What is the firmware version of VMG8825-T50K you are using?
    What OS is used in your PC?
  • Uozzon86
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    Hi, I'm having the same issue with VMG8825-T50K firmware V5.50(ABRN.0)b5_20190923 from Italian Tiscali operator. This is happening both to my hdd and pen drive, I'm using win xp but it's happening even if I use Android 4.4.2 for smartphone, how can I fix it? Thanks for help
  • Zyxel_Kerwin
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    Hi Uozzon86,
    This is a known issue and we also received the same bug reported from Tiscali.
    It will be fixed in the next firmware. You can check release schedule with Tiscali.
  • Lorenzo_B
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    Hello, I am having a similar problem with the same modem supplied by the same Italian Operator, namely Tiscali. The firmware revision is V5.50(ABRN.0)b5_20190923.
    I am connecting from Mac OS X 10.15.4.

    Here is the description of the problem:
    I am able to create a shared network folder and to access it by SMB protocol from the Finder.
    When I try to copy something to it, some files can be regularly copied, but with most of them I receive the error message that it is impossible to complete the copy operation because one or more elements can't be found (error code -43).
    There is no logic in it, it seems it depends on file size, but I was able to copy a 7mb file and a moment after a copy of a 300Kb file was refused.
    Can you help me? I will also try to contact Tiscali Customer Service.

  • Zyxel_Kerwin
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    Hi Lorenzo_B,
    Try to rename all your files and folders without using capital letters before copying them to see if it can help you to solve the problem. But for the real solution, please contact Tiscali for the firmware release schedule.
  • Lorenzo_B
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    Thank you for the advice. I am going to try both and see what happens ;-)

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