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I need some help with port forwarding on my EMG3425...
All of the guides I have come across show a NAT/Port Fowarding page that looks nothing like mine does, mainly that the field "Translation Port" is not present anywhere except my router.

I have a static IP setup with my ISP, and that is active, and I am trying to setup a VPN using port 1194.
The VPN server has been set up and has been assigned a static IP of in my network.
When I attempt to setup my forwarding rule, using 1194 as both the port and translation port, I can never see it open from the outside.

What am I missing here?



  • HouliCrab
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    Hi NClack,
    May i know your Firmware Version ?
    Based on my experience, the port forwarding page should here " Configuration-->Network > NAT > Port Forwarding"

  • NClack
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    Where can I find my current firmware version?
    Looking through the entire menu I cannot find an entry for current firmware version, only the option to update firmware.
    Port Forwarding IS Config > Network > NAT > Port Forwarding
    My issue is that no matter what I set, I cannot open a port to the outside

    I found it
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    Hi NClack,

    I also have one HTTP server on port 1194, you can refer my setting below

    Hope this could help you.

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