Zyxel wre2206 can not be connected

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I've been using wre2206 wi fi extender for almost a year and now I can't connect it. We had it renamed but it is not even on the list of devices anymore, Tried to reset, now it appears on the list as zyxel but when  I try to connect the connect button is inactive. Read the user's manual tried to follow the steps there but I am not a tech nerd and nothing seems to work. Don't know what to do? 


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    Here is my topology and configuration steps, it works properly.

    Step1. Laptop is connected to WRE2206 via LAN and open the browser to type “http://zyxelsetup” to configure WRE2206.
    Step2. Go to Network > Wireless LAN > AP Select, and then select a SSID of router to connect.

    Step3. After connected, go to Network > Wireless LAN > General, I have changed SSID of WLAN AP Information.

    Step4: Go to Status, to check the connection information.

    Step5. Using a smart phone to connect WiFi of WRE2206.


    If it still cannot work, please provide your steps and screenshots.

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