i keep trying to login into my router but it says i've used the wrong username and password. Please

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    @Fargo BabyBoii Flame  
    What's your home router's model name? Did you push reset button before entering login credentials?

    You can search for your model's "User's Guide" on our global website, where default admin/password is put in the first page.

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    I have exactly the same problem. The model is Zyxel VMG3625-T50B. I tried to reset the modem, I was able to access the console with default username (admin) and password (found on the back of the device), then I was prompted to change the password. I changed it and copied it to a separated file, so no writting error is possible. After log off, I was not able to log on again. I just got this boring message: " The username or password is not correct or locked. "

    Please, help!

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