Zyxel PLA5456 stop working

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My Zyxel PLA5456 stop working and LED’s won’t turn on, so it’s not getting internet connection. The pass-through power outlet does work. 
Has anybody face this issue before?


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    Hi @Jcbb

    Thanks for contacting us on forum, I'm glad to provide tech-support for you.
    First I want to clarify more details about your issue:

    Does your PLA successfully boot up before? Or it fails booting up right after unboxing?

    Please try to press Reset/Encryption Button, if the power LED still fails to turn on, then it could be a hardware issue, please contact with your local retailer for product return or other post-sales services.

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    The same happened to three of my PLA4215 power line adapters. It was intermittent - in the beginning just unplug/plug back to power outlet would have fixed the problem. Then, one day just off, no lit Led, nothing working to bring it back.
    I couldn't just throw them and buy new ones ... so, I have opened them. First caught my attention the electrolytic capacitors ... one (560uF) more than the other three had the cap routed up (should be flat). There was also on top of it a leak of something brownish looking - that was the electrolyte. 
    I have ordered three new electrolytic capacitors 2x1200uF and 1x560uF, replaced them and so far I have two working power line adapters out of the three not working. The third one I will fix these days.

    To remove the board you'll have to unsolder the power receptacle pins, the ground can stay.

    More info:

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