What is site usage and site health means in Overview page? How do you calculate it?

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The usage in the overview page shows the amount of data consumed by the site. It calculates the period of the last 24hrs.

The site health in the overview page shows the percentage of uptime in a given time interval to indicate the site’s network availability.
  • Green: 95-100% Network uptime
  • Dark: 75-95% Network uptime
  • Brown(Orange): 50 -75% Network uptime
  • Red: <50% Network uptime
  • Grey: No uptime data
Meaning of Network uptime - how many percent of devices are online during a period.
For example, if I have 10 devices in a site and only 6 are online, that would be 60% of devices are still up, meaning the color would be brown(50- 75%).

The color of Status indicates as below
  • Green: all devices online
  • Orange: device has generated alerts (ex. heavy loading)
  • Red: If any device is off-line in the site
  • Gray: been off-line for at least six days