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Andy C
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Hi, I've been running a home network using 6 PLA5206 powerline plugs for the last few years, and it's been rock solid. Until last night when all the plugs lost the network LED and refused to acknowledge each other.

The only significant change in the enviroment was a new Samsung S20 Ultra arriving in the household and being charged.

I've fallen back on a few 85mbps plugs to keep the two workers in the household active. When I tried running a 1gb network on the circuit to see if I could coax the PLA5206 plugs back into life, it crashed the 85mbps plugs, so it will have to wait until the weekend.

Any advice please?


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    Hello Andy C

    Sorry for causing your inconvenience, There are some cases where PLA network is interrupted by other home devices, with high power consumption occupying the network and interfere traffics.

    I think we still need some information for us to clarify your issue, I'll try to duplicate your issue locally, clarifying if it's compatibility issue or related to environment factors.

    1. Which power charger is used by your S20 Ultra, 25W(the one with product)or 40W?

    2. Which 85 mbps PLA model is used? Is it also Zyxel's product?

    Also, please help us to check your LED status when you trying to pair PLA5206s:

    If Power LED starts blinking and then turns off (while Homeplug LED always disabled), it means PLAs can't recognize each other. This case could be caused by high interference, you can try to move S20 Power charger to other power outlet/circuit and test again.

    If Power LED always show steady green, it means pairing process isn't triggered correctly. You can follow User's Guide P.12~P.17 to pair your PLA devices.
    (download link:

    You can use our utility to make sure if PLAs are able to scanned and recognized by each other. Just connect your Laptop/PC to one of the PLA, and open the utility, then you'll see the scanning result as the picture below, showing the paired and non-paired PLA status.

    (download link :
    (Below is my local lab, where paired devices are PLA5206)

    Best Regards,
  • Andy C
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    The Sanyo charger is 25watts. The 85mbps unitis back in service are TPlink. I'll try the Zyxel units again over the weekend and report back.
  • Andy C
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    I've re-installed all 5 units and they are back to working condition. The new phone charger has been relegated and an old charger is back in use.

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