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I have 2  Zyxel objects  (one is connected to my  transformer og the other one is connected to my computer) . They are used to send the production-data from my Suncellers to a Firm in Germany, which hace produced the suncelles, so I every day, week, month ore year on my Computer on the website for this firm can se how much my suncellers produce of electricity. 
One of this objects (please se the attached pictures) is out of order now and I can`t make it funkture again, so I need a new one.
Can you help me and tell me which one I have to buy and if possible in which store here in Danmark on Sealand?
Vagn Wallentino
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    hi @Wallentino

    PLA4201 is compatible with other PLA products such as PLA5456, PLA5256, PLA5206, PLA5405 and PLA4211. Just make sure mounting those PLA pairs in the same electricity circuit, so that they can negotiate and pair each other.

    We've put sales channel information in out global website,  select your region and the you'll see the sales information under "where to buy". I put the url below, enjoy your buying :) 

    One shortly reminder is, PLA4201 has been launched for many years, while there are already lots of products provides faster speed and enhance PLA performance. Since most PLA products are sold in pairs, I think it's also a good time to upgrade your old-Zyxel pair object with the new ones :)


    Best Regards, 

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