Is the DEL1202-T10B/B same as AMG1202-T10B ( for firmware update ) ?

Mahdi Haraji
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Hey guys, I have DEL1202-T10B/B router and after updating to V2.00(AAMQ.1)b14_C0 my modem stated sending noise and getting disconnected every 1 hours to I ended up in zyxel website looking for my router but couldn't find it at all. now I'm wondering if it's actually AMG1202-T10B and if the firmwares are identical?


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  • Mahdi Haraji
    Mahdi Haraji Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Also I can't update to V200AAMQ1b15_D0, after doing a search some where saying that I have to search for C0 instead of D0 because my modem firmware is custom or smt, can anyone help me with that?
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    @Mahdi Haraji,
    If you can't find it in ZYXEL's website, my suggestion is to contact your ISP for further help.
  • Mahdi Haraji
    Mahdi Haraji Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    I have contacted my isp but they gave me V200AAMQ1b15_D0 firmware which I previously tested and didn't work.
  • Group2xxx
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    Hi @Mahdi Haraji,
    You can find latest version of AMG1202-T10B Modem via this link in Zyxel Site.

    Best Regards, Janet

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