VMG8825-T50K 'phantom' guest wifi network

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Hello, my Zyxel modem is supplied by the Italian operator Tiscali.
Almost everything is OK (apart from a USB sharing problem bound to be fixed with the  next FW update).
One puzzling thing is the presence on the available network of 5 guest networks in addition to the main one. The mistery is that in the settings  I have only activated the main one and let disabled the 3 guest wifi networks available.
When I try to connect to one of those 'phantom' guest wifi, I actually get a password request. As far as I know, I can see them from Mac OS X, IOS, various Android devices.
How can it be? Thanx ;-)

FW rev. V5.50(ABRN.0)b5_20190923


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    Can you take some screenshots to show your WiFi settings including main network and guest WiFi network? And what SSIDs can you see from Mac OS X, iOS, or Android devices?
  • Lorenzo_B
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    thank you for your reply but I think I have already found a fix. Since 1) this is something I have never experienced on other standard modem/routers and 2) this is the first time I manage a network operator customised modem at home, I have thought that the issue had something to do with the fact that I have changed the original factory SSID.
    But, I have modified it only for the main wireless connection. Therefore, once changed the SSIDs of guest networks, the problem was fixed.
    You never stop learning, really. And, by the way, I have never liked operator customised routers :-(
  • Lorenzo_B
    Lorenzo_B Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    Just for the sake of completeness, I contacted Tiscali customer support and they just suggested to reset the modem to factory settings and restart from scratch.
    In the meantime, the thing had a curious development, since I noticed that when I manage WIFI with the scheduling service the problems tends to pop up again at the next restart of wifi.
    But, when I completely shut down and restart the modem, it doesn't happen.

    If this issue does not cause me any serious or perceivable disadvantages, I might keep it until next FW update and then see what happens.

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