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The PLA6456 currently has two power-saving methods.

The PLA6456 will go into standby mode when -

1.)  No ethernet link is detected.
      For example, if the attached device is powered down, and the link light is off.

2.)  The device doesn't detect any network activity for "X" amount of seconds.

These options work reliably for the PLA's configured as END_POINT nodes;
however, in most cases, it won't work at all for the PLA configured as the
DOMAIN_MASTER (the unit connected directly to your router/internet source)
as these devices are typically powered-up 24/7, and random broadcast traffic
on your network will keep the device awake.

I recommend that the power-saving feature for the DOMAIN_MASTER be updated
to only take into account network traffic destined for MAC addresses associated with
the actual HomeGrid that you have set up. . . or, at a minimum, not take into account
broadcast traffic on the network.

This should, in theory, allow the DOMAIN_MASTER to go into standby mode,
when its associated END_POINT node(s) go into standby mode.


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    Hi, @TiggerLAS:

    Thanks for your sharing and suggestion, it's always glad to see user's suggestions and make our products better.
    This power saving mode suggestion will be discussed internally, and update to you for any result.
    Thanks again for your suggestion, welcome to visit our forum at anytime :)

    Best Regards,

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