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I have a VMG8825-B50B provided by my ISP. I'd like to extend the wifi range and was looking in the Multy line. As far as I understand the VMG8825 supports Multy Pro (I have succesfully connected to it via the Multy Pro IOS app), with that technology the closest device to my needs would be the WAP6804, but I cannot find anywhere to buy it (online in Italy, cannot visit physical stores at the moment due to lockdown in place). I was wondering if the Multy X/Mini/U devices would run with the VMG8825 (providing a single mesh network, with AP steering) or if the only way is to turn off the wifi on the VMG and create a completely separated mesh with the Multy U for instance.
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    As I know Multy Pro and Multy X are 2 different mesh systems and can't work together.
    So that's why you can find Multy Pro app and Multy app in the app store.
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    @Hummel , Thanks for the answer, I suspected as much. So it seems the only way is to forfeit the WiFi on the router and rely on the Multy U network. Not as bad as it seems, I just wished I could use the router as an additional node in the mesh :smiley:

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