PLA5456 both ports connected causes loop?

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I just purchased a PLA5456 set and I'm having some issues with setup.  I'm attempting to connect two devices in the remote room to the local adapter.  I'm operating under the assumption that I need both ports on the local adapter connected to my router to transmit to the two ports on the remote adapter but every time I plug both in, my internet connection drops out on my desktop which is directly connected to the router.  I'm guessing that connecting both ports is causing a loop.  Is the expected setup for two ports to use a single port on the local side?  If so, that really should be in the quick start guide. 


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    Hi, @Crion

    Thanks for sharing your user experience, and we're really sorry for causing your misunderstanding when setting up devices.

    Like all other network devices, PLA is a way to delivery network connectivity to remote end-devices. With more Ethernet ports are provided, more devices can assess network without additional hubs/switches.

    So when mounting our PLAs, just kindly take them as general hubs/switches, with merely one link to your home router is required (and two PLAs are connected through power-line).

    For the suggestions of editing the Quick Start Guide, it will be discussed and evaluated internally. Sincerely thanks again for your feedback.

    Best Regards,

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