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Does the PLA6456 2400 Mbps wave 2 power line system allow for more adapters to extend the internet over power lines or is it just one location after the first adapter is plugged into the router?


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    According to the specifications, you can use up to 14 of these simultaneously.

    Typically, one unit is set up as a "master" or "base" unit.

    This is the one that connects to your router/internet source.

    That means you can essentially have 13 other "end-points"

    throughout your home or business.

    You may have to experiment with placement of the master/base unit,

    by trying it out in different locations, in order to get the best overall

    distribution throughout your home or business.

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    Hi @Rob R

    Like @TiggerLAS said, it's allowed for using more than one PLA to extend the network services.
    Just follow our Quick Start Guide (download link:, and then your PLAs can exchange data through power line after paired successfully.

    If you want to pair 1 Master PLA6456 to multiple Endpoint PLA6456s, just make sure all of them have the same domain name before pairing them.(You can edit the domain name at device's Web GUI)

    One last note is, when there are more than one Endpoint PLA needs to be paired, the setup process should be repeated between the Master and each EndPoint PLA. 

    Best Regards,

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