zyxel router emg2881 - t20A > Laptop Asus > Windows 8

HI all, my laptop only has wifi : When connecting to Modem wifi it only has limited connt. Looks like modem does not assign ip adress but Modem does see the device and mac details on modem home screen. I tried Static ip config with modem(not working still) and tried manual static ip setup in windows ( still not working)
in windows it then updates the device but still says the default gateway is not the same ( but it is 192
Tried to release and renew , SFC /scannow / driver updates etc...
Maybe the modem does not support win8 ? as I then take it to my mates place (tp-link modem) and it works 100% there. all other devices on my zyxel network ( phones..tv..apple tv..and my friends laptop(win10) works perfectly)

Anything else I can try.

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    Have you tried getting a USB Network dongle for your laptop to connect to your modem? Windows 8 or Windows 10 shouldn't have matters with any modem to connect. Not unless it's specified that Windows 8 doesn't works.

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