How many user NBG418N router support

I want to know how many users 

NBG418N router support and what’s the amount of RAM

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    @My bmw
    Frankly speaking, the theoretical Max. support client is way much higher than the "real" valid connecting clients (with data transferring). Which means if you really connect that amount of stations to Router: yes, they can connect, but some of them may suffer for bad wireless performance.

    So it's much better if you can draw your scenario picture, then we may check if this AP can fit in your case. Just like In my house, it's quite good with 7 to 12 active devices connecting all the time (smartphones, pads, IoT sensors...), watching Youtube in High Quality and browsing web pages.

    I'm also interesting about why RAM is an important indicator when talking about home router, does it actually matters with performances?
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    Hi @My bmw and @GreenLight

    Thank you guys for using our devices and sharing your comments/experiences on Zyxel Forum :)

    For the product spec, NBG418N supports up to 16 wireless clients and has 16MB SDRAM.

    If there is any other questions about our products, welcome to visit the forum again :)

    Best Regards,

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