How to block youtube throw firewall rules with router VMG8825-T50K

Paolo G.
Paolo G. Posts: 4  Freshman Member
could you please explain to me how to set up rules in order to block youtube videos in the router VMG8825-T50K


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  • Hummel
    Hummel Posts: 212  Master Member
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    @Paolo G. ,
    If you know the IP address, you can add a rule to block that IP. However, as I know IP address of youtube is dynamic, and you might not be able to always block it if you don't know all IP addresses.
  • Paolo G.
    Paolo G. Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    Hi Hummel,
    As you wrote there are multiple IPs used by and so by filtering a list it could solve partially the access. I wonder that there is a way to block at all.

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